ANN: NetworkManager 1.0.4 released


I'm pleased to announce the release of NetworkManager 1.0.4, the
latest stable release in the 1.0.x series. We recommend that users
of 1.0.x series as well as users of older 0.9.10.x series upgrade to
this release which is D-Bus and C API backwards compatible.

The 1.0.4 release is mostly a bugfix release, but it adds a fair
amount of new features and resolves a number of issues.
An overview of the changes in 1.0.4 is here

Grab NetworkManager and the applet/editor:

We did not release new versions of the VPN plugins. Please use
version 1.0.2 of the plugins with NetworkManager 1.0.4.

Thanks to everybody who contributed patches and translations:

Andika Triwidada, Balázs Úr, Beniamino Galvani, Cédric Valmary,
Dan Williams, Dan Winship, Gábor Kelemen, Jan Alexander Steffens,
Jiří Klimeš, Lubomir Rintel, Marek Černocký, Pavel Šimerda,
Piotr Drąg, Thomas Haller, Yuri Chornoivan and Zdeněk Hataš.

Special thanks to everybody that reported bugs and tested this release!


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