Re: nmcli can not join hidden networks?

On Wed, 2015-07-08 at 16:17 -0600, Preston Price wrote:
System details:
Ubuntu 14.04
nmcli v.

I've spent the afternoon Googling and I'm out of ideas.
It appears that there is no way to connect to a hidden SSID from nmcli.

If I, for example try:
*$ sudo nmcli dev wifi con '<SSID>' password '<Password>' name 'hidden AP'*

I get an error response:
*$ Error: No network with SSID '<SSID>' found.*

I can use the network manager applet to create/connect to this hidden AP,
but I need a non-GUI/command-line-only solution. I don't see any other
appropriate options/flags to set in the nmcli command.

Is there some secret sauce I'm missing?

I don't think you're missing anything; this just seems like a deficiency
in nmcli.  One thing you could try instead (while the bug gets fixed) is
to create the connection once, set the "wireless.hidden" property to
true, and then 'nmcli con up <connection name>".

Also note that 'nmcli dev wifi connect' will create a new connection
each time (I think), so after the first time you connect successfully,
you can just use "nmcli con up <name>" instead.

I filed for this


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