Re: NetworkManager / signal level (digital)

On Sun, 2015-06-28 at 04:02 +0100, dzimagehost wrote:
Originally this NetworkManager window

it is possible to customized means to display the signal level (digital) next
to the Wi-Fi icon as a WiFi Booster
a Cydia <> tweak for iphone.

It would be possible to show a number next to the level, but since the
applet is targeted at a wider audience it shouldn't be done by default.
IMHO the difference between 50% and 55% actually doesn't mean anything
in WiFi since signal conditions change so often and driver reporting
granularity isn't near as fine as 0 - 100%.

But anyway, an option to toggle that via GSettings would be OK in my
opinion, if anyone wanted to do that patch.


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