Re: is anyone actually still using WiMAX

Am 12.02.2015 um 19:09 schrieb Stuart Longland:
On 11/02/15 11:27, Michael Biebl wrote:

Debian (and Ubuntu) never enabled WiMAX support in our packages. I don't
have plans to enable it in our Debian packages either.
So from my PoV, feel free to drop WiMAX support.

Probably worth pointing out, here in Australia there's been a move to
get better Internet coverage in rural areas using fixed-wireless broadband.

There's talk of that being based on "WiMAX 2", so there could be more
demand for WiMAX support in Linux in the future.

I forgot to add, that we never enabled WiMaX support in Debianc since
a/ the WiMaX SDK hasn't been packaged yet for Debian
b/ there simply has been no demand so far. I vaguely remember one single
bug report [1]. And this one was rather: I have a wimax0 device, but NM
does not know what to do with it.



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