Re: How to tell NM to ignore some interfaces

On Sat, 2015-12-26 at 12:44 -0200, Daniel Miranda wrote:
I've written some udev rules to attempt to exclude docker and
interfaces, but I'm not having great success. The bridges, even if 
marked with the NM_UNMANAGED=1 udev attribute are still showing up
managed. Only one of the libvirt interfaces (not the bridge) is
as expected.

Hi Daniel,


that would be expected. Configure it as unmanaged in
 /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf with:


(Sending a SIGHUP signal to reload that configuration, otherwise restart NM).

With this configuration, the device will not be managed at all. Theoretically at least: the thread-opener 
(Jetchko Jekov) has the problem that he configures tap0 as unmanaged, but it is still managed(????).

What you did is setting NM_UNMANGED=1 via udev. This configures the
device as "default-unmanaged" -- which is different from "user-
unmanaged" when configured via NetworkManager.conf.
That means, the device still can be managed if either
  (1) the user actively does something on the device via a D-Bus 
      command (i.e. the device is unmanaged unless you tell NM to do
      something with the device).
  (2) the device is externally up and configured to have an IP 

In case (2), NM will "assume" a connection on the device. This means it
tries to gracefully handle the device and not interfere with it in a
destructive way -- although the device shows up as managed and there
seems to be a connection activated on the device. This is supposed not
to cause any actual problems for you, although the device appears as
managed. Does it cause any problems?

(NM's behavior will hopefully improve in the future).


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