Re: dnsmasq does not work with Network Manager?

On Sat, 2015-08-01 at 04:11 -0300, LUMINARIAS FOTON wrote:
hello people :)
I'm trying to use this great application in ubuntu 14.04lts
I like it accelerates notably Internet navigation.
but not because they managed to make it run.

anyone know how to configure the network manager to assign ip to dnsmasq
in  the file:

as I read should add the localhost address in this file, but left blank :(

I believe Ubuntu has patches that push the DNS configuration to dnsmasq
over the dnsmasq daemon's D-Bus interface, instead of writing it to a
file.  So they won't end up in the NM-written dnsmasq.conf.  So
everything should work correctly: the upstream DNS servers get written
to dnsmasq, and gets written to /etc/resolv.conf, and dnsmasq
acts as a caching local nameserver.

What is the specific problem that you're running into?  Does DNS
resolution not work perhaps?


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