Re: Problem with nm-applet icon in system tray

On Thu, 2014-09-11 at 19:10 +0300, Lampropoulos Anastasios wrote:
Hello there,

I am using an Arch linux box without an environment but with Openbox as 
window manager and tint2 panel.

NetworkManager is my choice for controlling my network connections.
The network is operational and there is no functional problem.
The problem is about the icon of nm-applet in system tray. It remains in 
a connecting state.
The tip informs me that my network is trying to request a wi-fi network 
address but that's not true.
I believe that NetworkManager and nm-applet do not communicate properly 
and nm-applet is never informed about nm' connected state.
BUT I don't know how to debug it or...
Could you please guide me?

If you run "nmcli dev" and "nmcli gen" in a terminal, what do those
report?  That should tell you exactly what NetworkManager things is
going on, and we can use that to figure out where the problem is.


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