Re: NM attempts connecting to nonexistent AP

On Wed, 2014-09-10 at 22:53 -0500, Robby Workman wrote:
Summary: when resuming from sleep, NM attempts to connect to an AP that no longer exists.

Hmm, odd.  You could turn on debugging and enable the "wifi_scan" log
domain to see what's going on at resume time.  NM should be throwing
away the scan list on resume and requesting a new scan from
wpa_supplicant, and all that should be reflected in the debug logs when
the wifi_scan domain is enabled.


This is a new problem as of 0.9.10, best I can tell - at least, I never observed this problem in any 
previous versions of NM.  Other things have changed along the way too, so I cannot say with certainty that 
NM is the culprit.

I don't connect to my phone's wifi tether often, but the only time I've ever experienced this problem is 
when connecting to it, and even then, only when the previous AP connected (at time of sleep) was my home 
AP.  Here's the fun part: my home AP's SSID is "RWnMW" and my phone's SSID is "rw" - I'm wondering if 
there's any chance that there's a comparison error somewhere wrt "RW" vs. "rw"

I'm not opposed to doing some more testing of this, but it's a bit difficult to do without either 
inconveniencing other home users (disconnecting RWnMW temporarily) or leaving my house to connect to my 
phone -- typically I'm at work when I do that, and being at work means I can't really devote time to 
testing non-work-related stuff.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this to perhaps offer more data points, or am I on my own with 
this?  :-)

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