Re: restoring forgotten device

On 01/09/14 10:26 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
OK, I give up ... what is the "magic dance" I need to do to restore a forgotten NIC?

I was "playing" with gnome's network editor and on the reset page for a device, I hit the "Forget" button.  
Device was "removed" but now I would like to "restore it".  How do I do that (other than to do another 
complete install of Fedora 20)?

I am not an expert but here's some food for thought until you get a
better answer...

NetworkManager will try to automatically connect to any device that
doesn't have special manual configuration. So if you restart the
NetworkManager service or reboot the system, it may well re-create a
default profile for your device. If not, look in /etc/NetworkManager and
delete/move out of the way any files in system-connections/ and conf.d/.

In the worst case, purging your network-manager-applet and NetworkManager
packages and reinstalling them should suffice. Note that you may lose
internet connectivity so I would download the packages first.

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