Re: Wireless Interface APIs needed

On Fri, 2014-11-28 at 16:33 +0530, Vasudeo Bidve wrote:

I am working on a networking project where only Wi-Fi interfaces are
used on all hosts for communication. It has to be a private network,
operating on IPv6 without using DHCP(v6). So obviously, the trick is
to assign Link-Local IPv6 addresses to all hosts using their
respective MAC ids and proceed.

I did a proof-of-concept of such networking using Ethernet and PCs
with ubuntu (14.04 LTS). But this is not working with wireless

I tried to do this with command line utilities like 'iw' and
'iwconfig' on my PCs, but as soon as I plug in the USB-wifi adapter,
the network-manager in ubuntu sets it in 'managed' mode, which I don't
want. Further, if I try to assign another mode, I get an error message
as 'device is busy'.

That's possible because AP scan is running.

Then by taking the link down, it doesn't add any
modes. Using the network setting panel in ubuntu, I can configure it
in 'ad-hoc' mode, but I want to do it programmatically (through a C
code, shell script, anything) without using that network-manager
utility finally in my project.

Wrong list, possibly? :) Any particular reason you won't use

See "unmanaged-devices" in NetworkManager.conf(5) manual.

In my project, finally all PCs will be replaced by embedded linux
SBCs. USB wi-fi adapters will possibly be replaced by wi-fi modules.
But programmatically, they should be able to communicate with each
other at Link-Local IPv6 addresses in Ad-Hoc mode.

At this moment, what I need is a set of wireless interface APIs, (of
course with some helpful documentation) to configure the wifi
interface in Ad-Hoc mode (possibly in AP/Station mode as and when
needed), get a Link-Local IPv6 address assigned to itself and start
networking. Any URL to such information will also do.

If there is any step-by-step guide (or example codes) then it will be
even more helpful.

I am hopeful from this group because the network-manager internally
*USES* these APIs and you people must be knowing what I need.

We use the same nl80211 API as "iw" does. We also talk to wpa_supplicant
via DBus.


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