Wireless Interface APIs needed


I am working on a networking project where only Wi-Fi interfaces are
used on all hosts for communication. It has to be a private network,
operating on IPv6 without using DHCP(v6). So obviously, the trick is
to assign Link-Local IPv6 addresses to all hosts using their
respective MAC ids and proceed.

I did a proof-of-concept of such networking using Ethernet and PCs
with ubuntu (14.04 LTS). But this is not working with wireless

I tried to do this with command line utilities like 'iw' and
'iwconfig' on my PCs, but as soon as I plug in the USB-wifi adapter,
the network-manager in ubuntu sets it in 'managed' mode, which I don't
want. Further, if I try to assign another mode, I get an error message
as 'device is busy'. Then by taking the link down, it doesn't add any
modes. Using the network setting panel in ubuntu, I can configure it
in 'ad-hoc' mode, but I want to do it programmatically (through a C
code, shell script, anything) without using that network-manager
utility finally in my project.

In my project, finally all PCs will be replaced by embedded linux
SBCs. USB wi-fi adapters will possibly be replaced by wi-fi modules.
But programmatically, they should be able to communicate with each
other at Link-Local IPv6 addresses in Ad-Hoc mode.

At this moment, what I need is a set of wireless interface APIs, (of
course with some helpful documentation) to configure the wifi
interface in Ad-Hoc mode (possibly in AP/Station mode as and when
needed), get a Link-Local IPv6 address assigned to itself and start
networking. Any URL to such information will also do.

If there is any step-by-step guide (or example codes) then it will be
even more helpful.

I am hopeful from this group because the network-manager internally
*USES* these APIs and you people must be knowing what I need.

Thanks and Regards

Vasudeo K. Bidve

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