Re: Support for HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Modem


On 14.11.2014 21:12, Dan Williams wrote:

I see that QMI works on the device, and that would be the preferred
method to manage it.  If you keep the qmi_wwan changes, the ModemManager
should be able to handle the device as a QMI device and use the cdc-wdm0
interface for control (QMI commands) and the network interface for data.

MBIM might work too, but I"m not sure what the driver binding situation
would be there yet.  Since QMI seems to work lets try that first.

I've just tested an LTE-connection via qmi/wwan with ModemManager 1.0.0
without any problems.
However the maximum downlinkspeed wasn't better than before with the
AT-interface and was nearly the same as on Windows 8.1 (which seems to
use MBIM).

Are there any known issues with ModemManager when exposing the AT- and
the QMI-interfaces in parallel ?

Interestingly the device also expose a CCID compatible smartcard interface.
Unfortunately my naive approach to add support to the pcsc-lite ccid
driver adding USB vendor/product-id/description to
ifd-ccid.bundle/Contents/Info.plist did not work (see attachment).

Has anyone worked with those types of PCSC-interfaces before?

Any thoughts on this?
It would be really cool to have this working since you can then send raw
APDUs to the SIM.

best regards,

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