Support for HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Modem


after i've got a shiny new laptop (HP Zbook 14) discovered that the
integrated 4G-Modem was not supported :/
It's a "HP lt4112 Gobi 4G" Modem (which is a HP-branded Huawei ME906E)

Despite the cards description has "Gobi" in it's name none of the
existing gobi layouts in the qcserial driver worked.
So i've modified the qcserial and the qmi_wwan driver (against kernel
3.16.6) and after some testing i've got the following layout:

## HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Modem
# 1st USB Configuration Descriptor:
0 - HP Mobile Connect - PC UI Interface         // AT-capable modem port
1 - HP Mobile Connect - Application Interface   // DM/DIAG
2 - HP Mobile Connect - Modem                   // AT-capable modem port
3 - HP Mobile Connect - PCSC Interface          // CCID compatible SC
4 - HP Mobile Connect - Network Card            // QMI/net
5 - HP Mobile Connect - GPS Interface           // NMEA
# 2nd USB Configuration Descriptor:
0 - HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Module                    // ???
1 - MBIM Data                                   // ???
1 - MBIM Data                                   // ???
2 - HP Mobile Connect - GPS Interface           // ???

Now I'm able to establish a ppp-based internet connection on both
AT-compatible modem ports.
The modem has to be initialized with "AT+CFUN" otherwise it won't work!
If you ever need to reboot the modem through the AT-port use "AT$QCPWRDN"

I've also tested the DM/DIAG port (see attachment).

The modem supports GPS/GLONASS and after issueing "AT^WPDGP" on one of
the AT-ports you'll see NMEA-output on the NMEA-interface (speed 9600, 8N1)
So far i've seen the following NEMA-sentences:
You can stop receiving GNSS with "AT^WPEND" on an AT-port.

There's also a QMI-port. I haven't done much with it yet - but at least
some qmicli commands seem to work as expected (see attachment).

Interestingly the device also expose a CCID compatible smartcard interface.
Unfortunately my naive approach to add support to the pcsc-lite ccid
driver adding USB vendor/product-id/description to
ifd-ccid.bundle/Contents/Info.plist did not work (see attachment).

Has anyone worked with those types of PCSC-interfaces before?

Finally there's seems to be MBIM support for this device but i've no
clue how to activate that.

I've attached the patches and some debug-logs for further information.

best regards,

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