Re: IPsec Road Warrior Config (Fedora 20)

On Sat, 2014-03-01 at 11:10 -0400, Jorge Fábregas wrote:

I'm in Fedora 20 and wondered if it is possible to configure an IPsec
VPN client connection with Network Manager? I tried the "Cisco
Compatible VPN (vpnc)" offered in the GUI but the "Add" button at the
end is "grayed out".  I also tried installing the
"NetworkManager-openswan" package and proceeded to configure that -  in
the GUI as well - but the "Add" button is still grayed out.  Am I
missing something?

Which GUI are you using?  If you're using the GNOME control center, then
it looks like the OpenSWAN plugin might have some bugs that prevent it
from working with the control center network panel.  One workaround
would be to use nm-connection-editor instead for now.

I'm totally new to IPsec and the VPN firewall vendor doesn't have a
Linux client :(   All I have are the parameters given to me by the
network admin.  Is there any recent document on how to configure an
IPsec VPN client with Network Manager (or without it) for F20? If I go
the openswan/libreswan route, I would like to know whether I need to
disable NetworkManager etc.

I think it should work with NM-openswan, unless there are
vendor-specific extensions that openswan doesn't know about.  Best thing
to do is give it a shot and see what happens; if things don't work we
can debug further.

Let us know!


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