Re: No IPv6 default route with dhcpcd.6.4.0-1?

On Fri, 2014-06-27 at 10:43 +0200, Florian Klink wrote:

caused by some package upgrades, (I'm quite sure it is caused by dhcpcd
upgrade from 6.3.2-1 to 6.4.0-1), I don't receive any more ipv6 default
routes from DHCPv6-enabled networks.

It suddenly stopped working in two different networks, while it still
works on other machines, and the dhcpcd upgrade was also during this time.

Arch Linux amd64
kernel 3.15.0
dhcpcd 6.4.0-1

I still receive an ipv6 address of the network, and can ping machines
inside the network.

Networkmanager log doesn't look really suspicios, I attached it anyways.

The default route actually comes from the RA, not DHCPv6.  But check
your logs for a "NAK" coming from dhcpcd.  If you see that, then I'll
bet its the same problem that I've been corresponding with a user over
IRC about.  dhcpcd touches addresses internally, and when it gets a NAK
it actually removes the IP address from the interface, which could cause
the kernel to remove the default route too.  Unfortunately, due to an
issue in NetworkManager, it is never notified of this event, and ignores
the fact that things changed, and thus doesn't restore the default

Let me know if you do see "NAK" in your logs...


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