Re: Network manager and Gnome 3.12

On Mon, 2014-07-28 at 14:07 +0200, Pal, Laszlo wrote:
The only plugin enabled is the RH/Fedora one


which would be correct, seeing that you use Fedora.

should I put unmanaged for the virtual interfaces to avoid this
unnecessary dhcp retries? The IP addresses are correct for them, but
nm-applet still trying to get address from dhcp... very strange

Not sure what you mean by "unnecessary dhcp retries". If you don't want
to use DHCP, set the IPv4 method to "manual". Also not sure what you
mean by "unmanaged", but that doesn't sound right.

Please configure the connections they way you want them too.
Use nm-applet, or one of the other UI tools for that.

If you have remaining issues, please give some more information, such
as: what you want to do; what do you think you are doing; what seems to
be happening; and what do you expect to happen instead.


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