Re: dhcpv6-problem

Thomas Schäfer <tschaefer t-online de> writes:


Using nm and dhcp-client ISC 4.2.5.P1 (tried also 4.3.0 from

Assigning IPv6-DNS-resolvers works in general. (e.g. Fritzbox, a DSL-router; 
Vodafone W5101, a mobile router)

I have a problem with some mobile router devices (zte mf823, alcatel one touch 

They work with windows. But under Linux the requests time out.

To compare the behavior I recorded in windows with the networkmonitor and in 
linux with wireshark. ( you can read all files with wireshark) 

The requests are different, but main difference is - in windows the requests 
are answered, in linux not. Maybe the devices (dhcpv6-server are buggy), but 
it is also possible, that something with the request is wrong. 

Please have a look at:

I cannot see anything wrong.  It's however extremely likely that the
DHCPv6 server has been developed more based on  observed requests from
Windows than actual specifications.  So you could try to make the Linux
requests look more like the Windows ones and see how that goes.

Notable differences which could be important:
 - Windows sends a the vendor class data 'MSFT 5.0'
 - Linux requests more options, like sntp servers
 - Linux sends a FQDN option

Any of these could break a server which has been made specifically do
work with Windows and nothing else.  And that's the sort of quality we
can expect from modem embedded software, unfortunately.

So do try to change the easy ones to look more like Windows.


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