Using nm and dhcp-client ISC 4.2.5.P1 (tried also 4.3.0 from 

Assigning IPv6-DNS-resolvers works in general. (e.g. Fritzbox, a DSL-router; 
Vodafone W5101, a mobile router)

I have a problem with some mobile router devices (zte mf823, alcatel one touch 

They work with windows. But under Linux the requests time out.

To compare the behavior I recorded in windows with the networkmonitor and in 
linux with wireshark. ( you can read all files with wireshark) 

The requests are different, but main difference is - in windows the requests 
are answered, in linux not. Maybe the devices (dhcpv6-server are buggy), but 
it is also possible, that something with the request is wrong. 

Please have a look at:


Thank you,


PS: Firewall is switched off.

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