ANN: NetworkManager 0.9.10 released


Well, we finally did it.  We released NetworkManager 0.9.10 with all the
awesome goodness described here:

Grab the tarballs for NetworkManager and the applet/editor here:
(VPN plugins to come...)

The final 0.9.10 release contains many bug fixes, most notably some
changes in veth handling, crash fixes, nmtui fixes, ifcfg-rh and keyfile
settings plugin fixes, Team fixes, translations, Bluez4 pairing fixes,
and more.  A huge thanks to all of you who helped test the release


Now that we've reached the moon, why not shoot for the stars?  I'm
talking about NetworkManager 1.0 later this year.  To start with, we're
planning to enhance VPN capabilities to finally bring multiple
concurrent VPN/tunnels, runtime configuration API for clients, an even
leaner footprint, more robust cooperation with external tools, nmcli
interactivity fixes, connection priorities, porting away from dbus-glib
to GDBus (finally!), Bluez5 DUN support, and way more greatness.

But best of all, *we'll be 1.0*!  Nobody thought we'd get here, but 10
years later, we're gonna finally do this.  Are you ready to party?


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