Creating NetworkManager connections via DBus API

Hi all,

I'm in the process of writing a web frontend for a small Linux-based
appliance, thus am in need of a tool for configuring the network interfaces.

NetworkManager seems to be a good fit in that it supports a wide variety
of networks and runs as a daemon which is then accessed by unprivileged
users.  The web front-end software we're writing is based on Django, and
I'm creating a collection of models which will represent the
configuration of the network interface.  There's a nice Python library;
python-networkmanager which provides an abstraction ontop of DBus so
accessing NetworkManager isn't too painful.

So my task now, is knowing the name of a network device, its intended IP
address, routes, DNS configuration, etc, is to figure out how to tell
NetworkManager about it and get it to connect.

Now, there's a DBus spec which describes the objects here:

Great.  By the looks of things, I create a
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Settings.Connection object, then hand
that to org.freedesktop.NetworkManager's ActivateConnection method.

But how do I encode my address settings in a Settings.Connection object?
 Where do I find a list of the settings and their possible values?

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