Re: Control Center App vs nm-connection-editor

On Tue, 2014-01-07 at 07:50 -0400, Jorge Fábregas wrote:

We have both, Gnome Control Center's Network app and the
nm-connection-editor, to perform network related changes via a GUI. Is
either one of them replacing the other?  Which one is more current (in
regards to NetworkManager)?  Is nm-connection-editor targeted for those
using a desktop environment other than GNOME?

In addition to what Pavel said, the GNOME Control Center makes some
choices about the UI design and what to include and what to leave out
that are quite appropriate for the GNOME design and target audience.
Same for KDE.  nm-connection-editor exists to expose most options (but
not necessarily all of them) in a more complicated form, and is intended
to be either a parallel tool to each desktop's preferred settings
panels, or a standalone one for desktops that don't have any other
settings editor.


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