Re: IPv6 in network-manager-openvpn

* Dan Williams

I poked at this today, using this config and your openvpn-2.4.0 RPMs:


but got no response from the server.  Is it still up and configured?
I've at least verified that the NM-openvpn IPv6 changes don't cause
problems for my existing openvpn configurations, so that's progress at

Yes, it's still up. I think the problem is that you're missing
"proto-tcp=yes". (Also, if you want to test IPv6 transport you'd need to
use "" rather than "remote=", and
obviously have IPv6 connectivity where you are.)

Finally I have "never-default=true" under both [ipv4] and [ipv6].

BTW the server now also advertises a (working) DNS resolver at (I plan on looking a bit more into bgo#710699.)


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