Re: KDE Plasma App VPN not starting without managed ethernet

On Sat, 2014-01-04 at 20:41 -0700, Michael Butash wrote:

I installed kubuntu 13.10 tonight, and was trying to connect my vpn to 
work, but it seems that it won't start without having a managed ethernet 
adapter.  Because of using likewise-open and kerberos for AD auth on 
login, I have to force the interface to dhcp as soon as the OS comes up, 
thus it's non-NM managed.

Correct, NM needs to know various details about the interface so that it
can correctly manage the VPN connection; for example, what the DNS
details are, what the gateway is, etc, as these may be required when
setting up the VPN connection to ensure connectivity.

Is there a way to get it to bypass this?  The error I get is this, I'm 
at least interpreting this missing "source connection" as that since 
NM's plasma widget shows "disconnected" when wired to the lan.

For now this cannot be changed, but NetworkManager is usually able to
configure an ethernet device to be up long before login.  Is it a plain
ethernet connection, or does it require some kind of authentication
(802.1x or PPPoE)?

If you allow the connection to be managed by NetworkManager, and set the
connection to be "available for all users" (which is the GNOME wording,
I'm not sure what the Kubuntu tools use), does this allow it to be
started before login?


Jan  4 20:00:00 host NetworkManager[1347]: <warn> connect 
/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Settings/2 failed to activate: (0) Could 
not find source connection

I haven't see this issue on my current laptop using the gtk widget on 
13.10 for cvpn connections.


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