Re: Connection priority between mobile broadband and wired

On Fri, 2014-01-03 at 13:07 +0530, Sandeep Singh wrote:

I have install Fedora 20 on my desktop. My requirement is to connect my
windows 7 laptop and Fedora 20 desktop directly a LAN cable and access
internet on Fedora 20 desktop using Mobile Broadband. Problem I am facing
is if I enable wired connection to connect to my laptop, I am not able to
access internet as wired connection is also used for internet. How can I
tell Network manager to use mobile broadband to be used for internet access
even when wired connection is enabled.

To make sure I understnad, you wish to use your Fedora 20 desktop as a
WWAN router, to allow your Windows 7 laptop to access the internet?  eg:

Win7 <----> F20 <----> WWAN

If this is the case, what you want to do is set the ethernet connection
to the "Shared" method in nm-connection-editor, which will cause
NetworkManager to start a DHCP server and proxy DNS server on the
ethernet connection, and then NAT the ethernet over to the WWAN to
provide connectivity.  Essentially, Internet Connection Sharing with the
WWAN connection as the ISP and the ethernet connection as the local LAN.


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