NM 0.9.9 ignores DHCP interface mtu?

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

I just started playing with Fedora 20 which has NM 0.9.9 and I noticed
that my F20 hosts do not honor the DHCP interface-mtu option.  This was
not the case with previous versions (including F19, F18, all the way
back to at least F15 if not earlier) so this is clearly a new regression
in F20.  The only difference I can see is the change in NM version from
0.9.8 to 0.9.9.  The dhclient versions are 4.2.5 on both system, so it's
unlikely that's the culprit (although I could be wrong).

Has anyone else seen this behavior?  It's pretty easy to test.  On your
dhcp server (assuming you run ISC DHCPD) add something like "option
interface-mtu 1476;" to part of your DHCP config and then grab a lease
from that config.  My F19 host will set the interface MTU to 1476, but
F20 keeps it at 1500.

The client is clearly requesting the option because it shows up in the
lease file on the client.  It's just not being processed and honored

Any known fixes or workarounds?


       Derek Atkins, SB '93 MIT EE, SM '95 MIT Media Laboratory
       Member, MIT Student Information Processing Board  (SIPB)
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