Re: nmcli regression regarding queries.....

On Fri, 2014-12-12 at 08:04 +0000, Another Sillyname wrote:
I have identical laptops......

on the first running


the command

nmcli c show active

gives me the current active connection(s)

however on 2nd machine with later version

nmcli  0.9.10-4.git20140704.fc21

the command

nmcli c show active

gives me "Error active - no such connection profile"

Has there been a major change in nmcli output and structure as I've
written quite a few scripts in etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d and
re-writes would be a bit of a pain.

Yes, that changed.

nmcli connection show

is now what

nmcli connection show configured

used to be.


  >> nmcli connection show --active


  >> nmcli connection show active

I understand that this change breaks your scripts and it's a major
annoyance. For what it's worth, non breaking compatibility is very
important to us -- usually.

In this case we changed it because this syntax makes more sense and you
only find the old syntax in Fedora20. There was never a stable release
with the old behavior and to my knowledge no other distribution got it.

sed 's/nmcli connection show configured/nmcli connection show/g'
sed 's/nmcli connection show active/nmcli connection show --active/g'


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