Re: nm-applet: prototype with priorities, feedback welcome

On 26/08/14 11:44 AM, Thomas Haller wrote:
On Sat, 2014-08-16 at 00:24 -0400, dwk wrote:
Hello again,

I just wanted to show everyone the prototype I've made for a new
nm-applet interface that supports priorities. It's obviously a work in
progress but it is fully functional:

The backend has a "priority" field (guint16) added to it. It doesn't
actually use this to determine auto-connect priority but I know where
that part of the code is, so it will be easy to add. The patch is
straightforward but I won't attach it yet because I can only test
against the Debian source right now (as per my previous email); the git
HEAD has libnm-core/, which Debian does not, and which also needs

I posted a branch for review

It adds a "autoconnect-priority" field (as gint) and adds support to
nmcli. I would wait with UI support (nm-applet) until the feature in
NetworkManager daemon is ready -- but don't hold back!! :)

Once it is ready, we probably also backport it to libnm-util, and from
there to latest stable branch nm-0-9-10.

Thanks for your work. It duplicates a bit of what I was doing but it is
more thorough (and I didn't post my code...). Anyway, my current plan
for nm-applet changes is as follows:

1) Make it clear which networks have been configured in the drop-down
   network list (patch posted).

2) Sort the configured drop-down networks by their priority (not name),
   and use a different icon for networks which are configured but will
   not auto-connect (or just list them last).

3) In the connection editor, add ``prioritize'', ``deprioritize'', and
   ``toggle auto-connect'' buttons to the main connection screen (as in
   the screenshot above, but hopefully cleaner).

4) Split the connection editor's network list into an ``ordered''
   section where priority is determined by position in the list, and
   an ``unordered'' section which preserves existing behaviour
   (last-used). By default networks are unordered until the user
   prioritizes the connection.

5) When first connecting to a network, add a checkbox for ``auto-connect
   to this network''. Priority can be modified after creating the

How do you normally proceed with UI design? Should I just finish my
prototype and send out a patch hoping that people mostly agree with the
direction I take? :) I never received feedback on my first patch about
three weeks ago...

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