Re: NM: git HEAD breaks (wifi plugin not available), Debian source works

On Tue, 2014-08-19 at 23:25 -0700, d wk wrote:
I did do a make install, but to a local prefix (I set --prefix in my
configure flags). The issue was that the new NM code actually checks to
see if the plugin library files are owned by the root user, and refuses
to load them if this is not the case. For a local install, the libraries
will be owned by the local user.

If you want to support local installs, I suggest the following diff.
Stop checking for root user owning the library files, and warn if no
plugins were found (because then likely no devices will work):

diff --git a/src/nm-manager.c b/src/nm-manager.c
index b829c4c..26b98dc 100644

Actually, I don't agree with this change.

NM, running as root, should not run any non-root owned code (ever).

When you run `make install` as non-root user, most of the things work
correctly. E.g. nmcli and nmtui just works.

But a non-root user cannot run the NetworkManager core daemon anyway --
unless he can su/sudo. And in that case, he should just fixup the
permissions of the files (or even better: run `make install` as root in
first place).

Currently NM would log:
  <debug> [1408552244.105518] [nm-manager.c:1999] read_device_factory_paths(): device plugin: skip invalid 
file /usr/lib64/NetworkManager/
I think it would already help to log a <warn> message that better
indicates to the problem. (patch follows).


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