Re: Preventing modem-manager from accessing specific serial ports?

On 24/10/13 04:37, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
Thank you very much Dan, adding ID_MM_DEVICE_IGNORE is trivial once one
knows that is the trick to use.

Are there *any* modems using any of the FTDI USB/serial converters? Or
does MM handle the old serial port modems too? Because if not, modem
manager should perhaps be shipped with a blacklist rule for those
because it can never do any good with them.

MM supports plain RS232 modems (e.g. some Cinterion ones or Iridium
satellite modems).

In MM 0.6.x we had a blacklist for serial devices which are definitely
not modems. In this list we (upstream) didn't include USB<->RS232
adapters, although several distributions then added those in the
blacklist when packaging (therefore removing support for RS232 modems
connected via USB<->RS232 adapters).

To solve this issue and avoid having distros ship additional blacklist
rules, in MM 1.x we added an additional 'greylist', so that we have:
 * a blacklist for serial devices which are definitely not modems (as we
had in 0.6.x upstream)
 * a greylist for USB<->RS232 adapters, as they may have a RS232 modem

In this setup, MM will never probe the blacklisted ones, and will only
probe the greylisted ones if a manual Scan() is requested (i.e. never
automatically). Setups using MM with a RS232 modem will anyway need a
periodic explicit Scan() to detect whether there is a modem in the
serial port (both with platform ports and for USB<->RS232 adapters), so
applying the greylist only for this case is actually appropriate.


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