Re: 3g modems that no longer work

On 22/10/13 13:14, Perazim wrote:
Back in F-14 with your help I was able to get the following 3G USB
modems to work:

Alcatel X220D lsusb: T & A Mobile Phones, 1bbb:0017


T-Mobile ZTE MF636 lsusb: ONDA Communications Spa, 19d2:0031

Both of these do not seem to work in either F-19 or F-20-Alpha. They
don't seem to be switched into the correct state by usb_modeswitch or
are not in the list of modems that NetworkManager handles.

Is there something I am missing here with the newer releases of Fedora?

F20 uses MM 1.0; while F19 uses 0.6.x.

In F20, could you get us debug logs of MM, and send them to the
ModemManager mailing list (not to this one)?

MM list:

MM debugging tips:


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