Re: cannot add profiles for wired connections or connect to wireless after upgrading to

On Saturday 12 of October 2013 22:40:25 Mehmet Giritli wrote:

I use gentoo and this problem as reported by me to the gentoo bugzilla.
But devs over there could not really figure out what the problem is,
hence this email.

Recently I upgraded from to and as a result I can not
use nm at all. The problem is that I can not add a profile (clicking Add
in the add profile window has no effect) or even connect to a wireless
network. I can see my devices and wifi aps but turning them on or
selecting aps has no effect.

I tried removing the /etc/NetworkManager dir entirely but it had no

Please check that your installation is not mangled.
Do you still have these problems with ?

Oct 12 12:56:24 mordor NetworkManager[13390]: Error parsing file
'/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf': No such file or directory
Copy the configuration file /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf back so 
that NM can read it.

There is a NM crash. Can you run NM inside gdb to get a backtrace
$ sudo gdb /usr/bin/NetworkManager
(gdb) run --no-daemon
after the crash
(gdb) bt full


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