ModemManager and 3G data connections

Hi there, I'm running a quite old ModemManager 0.4 and I'd like to use it for connecting to a 3G data network. I'm not too sure if that is possible and I couldn't find any suitable documentation on this topic. Can anyone give me any advice on this matter? Pointers to documentation is also very welcome! In the case of it not being possible to use 3G with version 0.4 - can anyone point me to documentation on how to use ModemManager to connect to 3G with a later version? That would be really helpful.

In particular, I'm talking to ModemManager programmatically using the QT DBUS API. It seems that in 0.4 certain functions, like GetIP4Config() are not implemented. I get an "unsupported operation" error back. I get the same errors for SetAllowedNetworkMode().
I have already managed to register my device to the network (it is a 3G SIM) and I get registration information back from ModemManager. But I cannot connect with it any further - in particular, in order to start a data connection, I do need an IP address and I don't quite understand how to go about this. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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