Re: MM 0.6.0 conflicts with USB GPS device?

On 2013-05-31 16:44, Dan Williams wrote:
Perhaps MM is crashing and then respawning, then restarting the probing

I don't think so, because I started MM manually with --debug and
--log-level=DEBUG. In this case there would be no automatic
restart after a crash, right?

There was a bug like that which was fixed in git in late 2012,
perhaps your distro didn't pick up that specific fix?

No, I used the git 0.6 branch of less than one day old. (So it
was not 0.6.0, sorry.)

In any case, I
just tagged and uploaded MM 0.6.2 which shouldn't have that bug anymore.

Shouldn't hurt :~)

In any case, I will try to investigate further tomorrow or
Monday. Is there anything I should try or some debug output I
should send?

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