Re: Verizon/Novatel USB551L support?

On 06/05/13 14:22, Jason Antman wrote:
On 05/06/2013 02:55 AM, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
Hey Jason,

I have a Verizon/Novatel USB551L 4G/LTE (with CDMA 3G fallback) that I'm
trying to get working. I'm running Fedora 18 (kernel
3.8.4-202.fc18.x86_64) with NetworkManager and ModemManager With these versions the modem doesn't seem to get detected
correctly. The only thing I can find about NM/MM and this device is
commit 463de46e on April 17th of this year by Dan Williams, with a
comment of "novatel: ignore USB551L / Just like the E362, which the
USB551L is quite similar to." which adds the USB ID to
forbidden_products for in mm-plugin-novatel.

I use KNetworkManager as a frontend, and when I plug in the device, it
appears to be recognized but when I attempt to add a connection, my only
option is "Installed CDMA Device". I've tried adding a CDMA connection
with no luck, and NM (or at least KNM) doesn't seem to know anything
about the LTE.

Does anyone have this device working? If not, devs, I can open a bug
report and provide NM and MM debug output, lsusb, etc. My C skills are
pretty poor (virtually nonexistent), but I'm willing to provide any
assistance that I can to get this working properly.

You should probably try to use ModemManager >= 0.7.x or directly compile
git master. I've got some (old) packages for F18 x86_64 here, which you
may give a try:


Thanks so much. I gave those packages a shot, but there seems to be an
unsatisfied dependency for (even though there doesn't
appear to be anything currently on my system that provides that). Is
there any chance you have spec files for those so I can try the build
myself with the latest git master? I'd try local compile, but I
absolutely need my laptop working this afternoon, so I need to have a
good, safe rollback plan.

libmm-glib is provided by ModemManager itself. Seems the directory I
pointed you at only contains NM packages, sorry for that... check also
this link, which should contain ModemManager and other related packages
as well:

Also, you can find the RPM specs here:


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