Verizon/Novatel USB551L support?


I have a Verizon/Novatel USB551L 4G/LTE (with CDMA 3G fallback) that I'm trying to get working. I'm running Fedora 18 (kernel 3.8.4-202.fc18.x86_64) with NetworkManager and ModemManager With these versions the modem doesn't seem to get detected correctly. The only thing I can find about NM/MM and this device is commit 463de46e on April 17th of this year by Dan Williams, with a comment of "novatel: ignore USB551L / Just like the E362, which the USB551L is quite similar to." which adds the USB ID to forbidden_products for in mm-plugin-novatel.

I use KNetworkManager as a frontend, and when I plug in the device, it appears to be recognized but when I attempt to add a connection, my only option is "Installed CDMA Device". I've tried adding a CDMA connection with no luck, and NM (or at least KNM) doesn't seem to know anything about the LTE.

Does anyone have this device working? If not, devs, I can open a bug report and provide NM and MM debug output, lsusb, etc. My C skills are pretty poor (virtually nonexistent), but I'm willing to provide any assistance that I can to get this working properly.

Jason Antman

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