Re: QMI support in network-manager-applet

On 02/05/13 07:41, dag dg wrote:
I've been poking around the source of the latest Network Manager
source as I have a 4G LTE WWAN card that uses QMI to connect with.
From what I can tell it looks like Modem Manager and Network Manager
have been updated to support QMI, but when I compile and run
network-manager-applet (shows version 9.9.0) I'm not seeing any QMI
options. Has the applet not been updated yet? Any help would be
appreciated, thanks.

Regardless of what Dan and Marius have already told you; make sure you
have ModemManager >= 0.7.x and NetworkManager compiled with the new MM1
interface support. It's not clear to me whether you are using these
already or not.


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