Re: NetworkManager drops the IP on em1 when ppp0 comes up

On Wed, 2013-05-01 at 15:08 +0100, PH wrote:




Fedora 18



My DSL Modem is connected to Ethernet em1.

em1 has a static IP


When NetworkManager brings up ppp0 it removes the IP on em1.

ipconfig lists the interface em1 with no IP.


How can I get em1 to keep its static IP when ppp0 is brought up.

At the moment, NM can't do this; it's an old bug and NM should allow
both a local address and the PPPoE address but that must be fixed.

In the mean time, you could create a NetworkManager dispatcher script
that adds the static IP address by running something like "ifconfig em1" to em1 whenever the PPP connection is brought up;
check out 'man NetworkManager' and the dispatcher examples here:


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