Re: [PATCH] Multiple search domains in OpenVPN

> 3) Last, in the IPv6 code, you've got "priv->ip4_config" which I'll assume is a copy & paste error :)

Oh, my fail.
I fixed all the things you mentioned and attached a new patch file.
Thanks for your help with the both patches.

Best wishes and have a nice day,
Vsevolod Velichko

2013/3/18 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>
On Sat, 2013-03-16 at 03:55 +0400, Vsevolod Velichko wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm widely using OpenVPN and recently found that network-manager-openvpn
> plugin just ignores all but first search domains it has to send to NM.
> I wrote a little patch, that obviously fixes the issue, however I'm not
> familiar with the libglib API at all, so it would be nice if someone check
> whether I put all frees correctly or not (when I wrote it, it wasn't
> obvious to me, how to deal with string arrays in glib and who controls each
> item at the moment).
> The second tiny patch is the patch for network-manager itself, it just
> fixes the logging of search domains: while they are received correctly,
> only the first one was logged.

For the second patch, three things if you don't mind:

1) let's just make 'dns_domain' a 'const char *'; there's no reason it
was a 'char *' before except perhaps historical ones

2) also, skip the "none" printing parts; if the domains aren't logged
then they weren't sent, which is consistent with the rest of the options
there.  So you can skip the if (num > 0) check entirely.

3) Last, in the IPv6 code, you've got "priv->ip4_config" which I'll
assume is a copy & paste error :)


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