Re: [PATCH] Fix for Blueman modem being ignored

On Sun, 2013-03-03 at 09:50 +0100, Tore Anderson wrote:
I'm sorry to blow the dust off this old thread, but yesterday I ran into
the exact same problem as Nick Peskett did, and Google eventually led me
to this thread. Removing the check in questeion works, however, if
possible I'd like to run the distro version of NM rather than a patched one.

* Dan Williams

On Tue, 2012-10-23 at 13:24 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:

What could happen if we end up allowing bluetooth-based modems not being
grabbed by the NMDeviceBt and therefore created as plain NMDeviceModem
objects? As far as I can see, the bluetooth DUN settings required for
the modem to connect don't really have any bluetooth-specific stuff in
there, not sure why plain gsm/cdma modem settings aren't enough.

We want the bluetooth information so we can actually show something
useful in various user interfaces, like the name of the device, and
possibly it's state at some point.  If we have the Bluetooth address,
then NM creates the rfcomm port automatically for you when you start the
DUN connection.  No need for something like Blueman to create it for
you, and this also lets NM monitor the rfcomm device for events like
bluetooth disconnections so we can provide better error handling, like
"Your Phone is too far away" instead of "PPP disconnected" like we'd get
if we only know about PPP failure on the rfcomm interface.

Second, just creating an NMModem means there's no API/UI linkage between
some device that NM knows about (your phone) and the thing that's being
used for networking, which isn't very helpful to the user.  Which is one
major reason why we require the Connection to be created (which
typically happens when pairing), which in turn creates the NMDeviceBt
what you see in the menu.  And since we know it's a Bluetooth device,
and we know its name, you see the name you gave the phone, instead of
"rfcomm0" which is completely unhelpful.

Basically, the reason Blueman got created was because at the time there
wasn't a great way to add/remove DUN connections via the GUI with the
standard NM tools.  The way that was done was via the GNOME Bluetooth
applet.  A year or so ago, the bluetooth applet got updated to show
these options all the time, instead of just when pairing.  That
basically replaces any additional functionality Blueman provided.

That's all well and good, I suppose - IFF you're using GNOME. I'm not,
and AFAIK Blueman is the only Bluetooth manager available to me (the
GNOME one doesn't even want to start when in my XFCE or LXDE DE sessions).

You're saying that NM will create the rfcomm port automatically if you
have the Bluetooth address. Is there some way I can configure the
Bluetooth address manually in NM, instead of requiring GNOME's Bluetooth
manager to supply it? Or am I simply SOL until Blueman starts doing the
same magic that the GNOME applet is?

You can always create the connections manually in the config files, and
we should add some pieces to the connection editor to support manual
creation/addition/deletion of Bluetooth connections.


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