NetworkManager git20121211

I needed some functionality (dynamic dns update) not available in the NetworkManager package available in Fedora 18 so I created my own version based on git20121130. This worked nicely providing the functionality and did not appear to have any bad side effects.

Then the NetworkManager git20121211 package appeared in rawhide it is usually better to use a package available from Fedora. So, I got the source rpm and rebuilt it for Fedora 18.

This appeared to work fine until I realized that all of the virtual networks did not have the expected IPv4 addresses. Surprisingly, if IPv6 was defined for a network, it was there.

After some investigation, I could only see that NetworkManager may be the problem. I downgraded to the git20121130 package and rebooted. The virtual networks were now OK.

Any suggestions on how to report this problem? (against what and what release?)

I am effectively cross-posting by sending identical messages to the NetworkManager and libvirt mailing lists. Yes, I believe the problem is with NetworkManager but there is a large libvirt impact.


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