Re: Multiple IPv6 RAs and static routes with metric 1

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 8:29 PM, Martin Jackson <mhjacks swbell net> wrote:

First, let me thank you for all of your hard work in developing and maintaining network-manager.  It makes life with a Linux laptop much simpler.

I have observed a behavior in network-manager in both Ubuntu (12.10) and Fedora (18).  In the presence of multiple routers advertising defaults, n-m seems to insert a static default route for one of them, with metric 1.  Here is example output from my Fedora system:

default via fe80::5054:ff:fe01:b6dc dev eth0  proto static  metric 1
default via fe80::5054:ff:fe01:b6dc dev eth0  proto ra  metric 1024 expires 2sec
default via fe80::5054:ff:fe2f:62c2 dev eth0  proto ra  metric 1024 expires 9sec

Thanks for reporting this.

This is interesting. There should still be a lifetime for that route, and it should still get expired and switched over to a more proper gateway when the router has disappeared. Evidently, something's not working properly there. The actual metric value is the correct expected number though, to be able to properly prefer wired over wireless if both existed and were connected to the same network.

Would you be able to add debug logs, so that we clearly see what happens when the route gets added ?

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