Re: Problems with Sierra LTE MC7710 Device

> I would very much like to know that goes.  It should work in theory,
> creating wwanX and /dev/cdc-wdmY devices.  But do note that this
> /dev/cdc-wdmY device is *not* speaking QMI.  It expects MBIM control
> protocol messages.  Unfortunately there isn't any user app available for
> that yet, but I believe Aleksander is just about to start coding a
> libmbim.  And as usual I do have some hacky perl scripts if you want to
> test things.
> Based on experience with Sierra firmwares I am also pretty sure that it
> is possible to switch this firmware into other modes, if you prefer to
> use old style QMI applications.  But MBIM is the future :-)

I got a MC7710 recently from a nice user and I would also love to have
the MBIM powered firmware :-)

If anyone else interested in MBIM, there's a request to have a 'libmbim'
project in


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