Re: Create an Access Point with NetworkManager-

Hi, I don't know, (I don't have any wifi that supports AP), but should
work easily with NetworkManager Applet (nm-applet) when you
turn on wifi ,you may create a new wifi connection , after that you can
edit your new connection on "edit connections" -> wifi -> name of wifi
that you create -> edit
you got mode here , which may change from Ad-hoc.

Well, that partially works, these settings can be indeed changed later (I can even change the security option to WPA2), but looks like the device is still not in access point mode after all that.

Actually, as other messages in this thread state, this is not yet implemented in nm-applet and we'll have to wait until

So now I wonder if it's possible to tell network-manager to create an access point via d-bus, or by any other means.

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