RE: [MM] Problem Huawei E303

Hello Aleksander,
Thanks for your fast response! and thanks for the new NewtorkManager packages. I have installed them and they 
seem to work fine.

I was using a Git version from the 18th. This morning I have updated my local version with the latest version 
from the repository.

I have tried with the Huawei e303 modem and it tries to create an NDIS connection, but it doesn't work.
So I have removed the net interface from mm-plugin-huawei.c

--- a/plugins/huawei/mm-plugin-huawei.c
+++ b/plugins/huawei/mm-plugin-huawei.c
@@ -492,7 +492,7 @@ grab_port (MMPlugin *self,
 mm_plugin_create (void)
-    static const gchar *subsystems[] = { "tty", "net", "usb", NULL };
+    static const gchar *subsystems[] = { "tty", "usb", NULL };
     static const guint16 vendor_ids[] = { 0x12d1, 0 };
     static const MMAsyncMethod custom_init = {
         .async  = G_CALLBACK (huawei_custom_init),

Now it always try to connect through pppd and it always works :) I haven't the port problem that the previous 
version has.
Has anyone been able to connect through NDIS with a Huawei modem? With which model?

I have found another issue that I am not sure if it is a bug or not. It seems that the ModemManager cannot 
detect the first time that I insert the modem.
After try with many ports it prints the next lines:
ModemManager[7749]: <debug> [1361368039.448167] [mm-serial-port.c:994] mm_serial_port_close(): (ttyUSB0) 
device open count is 0 (close)
ModemManager[7749]: <debug> [1361368039.448198] [mm-serial-port.c:1010] mm_serial_port_close(): (ttyUSB0) 
closing serial port...
ModemManager[7749]: <debug> [1361368039.449123] [mm-serial-port.c:1041] mm_serial_port_close(): (ttyUSB0) 
serial port closed
ModemManager[7749]: <debug> [1361368039.449164] [mm-serial-port.c:1109] mm_serial_port_close_force(): 
(ttyUSB0) forced to close port
ModemManager[7749]: <debug> [1361368039.449231] [mm-plugin-manager.c:352] plugin_supports_port_ready(): 
(Plugin Manager) (Huawei) [ttyUSB0] found best plugin for port
ModemManager[7749]: <debug> [1361368039.449274] [mm-plugin-manager.c:238] port_probe_context_finished(): 
(Plugin Manager) 'ttyUSB0' port probe finished, last one in device, but minimum probing time not consumed yet 
('24.443516' seconds elapsed)

But If I unplug and plug it again it will recognize the modem.

It's good to know that you are so close :).
I thought you were living in Germany.

Best regards,
José María González
De: Aleksander Morgado [aleksander lanedo com]
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On 02/19/2013 04:49 PM, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
On 02/19/2013 03:57 PM, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
I fixed quite some things since I created those packages, so let me
re-create whole new ones with the latest stuff. As said, the port to be
used as data port by pppd is the one given in the Bearer interface.

Try with these ones here:


Oops, here better:


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