[MM] Problem Huawei E303

I have downloaded and installed the last ModemManager version from the Git repository. I also have installed 
the NetworkManager packages by Aleksander to integrate MM with gnome3 in fedora18:

Everything seems to work fine with some modems like Sierra 307U and 310U. I can use mmcli to unlock the SIM 
and enable the modem, the integration with nm-applet also works perfectly.

But with the Huawei e303 I have problems. The mmcli commands work, but there seem to be a problem in the 
integration with pppd.
As far as i know the pppd daemon gets the ttyUSB port to connect to from the D-Bus interface 
'org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Modem and property 'PrimaryPort'.

This PrimaryPort is defined in the MM sourcecode in the file src/mm-iface-modem.c, and it seems that in this 
case it is given the wrong port???

From the logs I can see the following lines with identify the data and at port:
Feb 19 12:59:35 jmgonzalezcFedora ModemManager[7373]: <debug> [1361278775.691035] [mm-base-modem.c:834] 
log_port(): (/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.3) tty/ttyUSB2 at (primary)
Feb 19 12:59:35 jmgonzalezcFedora ModemManager[7373]: <debug> [1361278775.691286] [mm-base-modem.c:834] 
log_port(): (/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.3) tty/ttyUSB0 data (primary)

It is supposed that the pppd connection should be done through the data port. I can see that the ATD call 
command is sent over the DATA port, but the pppd daemon tries to establish the connection through the AT port 
because that is the port returned by D-Bus in the PrimaryPort property.

In order to try to fix this particular problem I created this simple patch:
--- a/src/mm-iface-modem.c
+++ b/src/mm-iface-modem.c
@@ -3704,12 +3704,14 @@ interface_initialization_step (InitializationContext *ctx)

 #if defined WITH_QMI
             primary = MM_PORT (mm_base_modem_peek_port_qmi (MM_BASE_MODEM (ctx->self)));
-            if (!primary)
-                primary = MM_PORT (mm_base_modem_peek_port_primary (MM_BASE_MODEM (ctx->self)));
+            if (!primary){
+                primary = MM_PORT (mm_base_modem_peek_best_data_port (MM_BASE_MODEM (ctx->self)));
+           }
-            primary = MM_PORT (mm_base_modem_peek_port_primary (MM_BASE_MODEM (ctx->self)));
+            primary = MM_PORT (mm_base_modem_peek_best_data_port (MM_BASE_MODEM (ctx->self)));

Which seems to solve the problem with no undesired effects...., but I suppose that this can break the MM for 
another modem.

I also have been forced to remove the NDIS connection from the Huawei plugin.
--- a/plugins/huawei/mm-plugin-huawei.c
+++ b/plugins/huawei/mm-plugin-huawei.c
@@ -492,7 +492,7 @@ grab_port (MMPlugin *self,
 mm_plugin_create (void)
-    static const gchar *subsystems[] = { "tty", "net", "usb", NULL };
+    static const gchar *subsystems[] = { "tty", "usb", NULL };
     static const guint16 vendor_ids[] = { 0x12d1, 0 };
     static const MMAsyncMethod custom_init = {

Beacuse sometimes (I don't no why only sometimes and not always) it tries to establish the connection by 
NDIS, but this never works. This modem is NDIS capable and it works in Windows, but it can only connect in 
Linux with AT commands and pppd.

With these two patches the huawei e303 it is working properly.
Does anyone have the same problems?
Any idea about how to fix in a better way this connectivity problem?

Best regards,
José María.

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