Re: [PATCH 2/5] connectivity: Add libxml2 as a dependency

Hi Dan,

Plus, as I stated earlier, libxml will be required to handle Wispr
responses (and hotspot 2.0), which are legitimate XML trees. So, why not
just add it as a dependency right now?

that is a funny comment since within ConnMan, we are using GMarkup to
handle the WISPr login. And actually if you are looking at anything of
the HTML except the WISPr XML you are doing something wrong. Do not
bother parsing the HTML page. Either operators add the WISPr XML
somewhere or they end up hiding it in comment section.

I am also confused what Hotspot 2.0 has to do with XML. Am I reading a
different specification than you are?

Yeah I think GMarkup can handle most of the XML stuff.  But if we want
to better handle random hotspots in the future (like my hotel one) we
may need to do some HTML parsing.  I don't necessarily think that would
require XML though, perhaps just regex.

if your hotel does not support WISPr you are most certainly on the
loosing end with trying to figure out anything. We have never bothered
to try to handle these. They just trigger the opening of a browser.

There exists in theory another protocol besides WISPr that early Boingo
hotspots used, but I have not seen it in a long time. I think the last
one was Swisscom and they also support WISPr. So rather pointless trying
to chase that one down.

Only trick part is the the XML from WISPr is not always present on the
first page the hostpot returns. Sometimes it is on the second or later.
One example for such a setup is Orange in France. However all the
hotspot do use a proper HTTP Location header and thus no need to parse
HTML ever.



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