How to force NetworkManager not to create new connection "Available for all users"

Hello all

How to force NetworkManager NOT to create new connection "Available for all

I'm Ubuntu user only with STANDARD user privileges (not root) and always I'd
like to connect to new wifi network via nm-applet it asks for passsword of
user administrator, that have administrator privileges (unknown for me). I
found that it is due to option "Available to all users" that is by default

The only way I found how to connect to new wifi network is to manually
create new wifi Connection and then clicking on this network in nm-applet in
available wifi network list. 

So I'd like to change the setting of new connection from available to all
users (system-wide setting) to Not available to all users (User setting).
I've looked for this in man pages but no result. 

NetworkManager version is

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