v1.0.8 & DUID

Although there is a v1.0.8 tag in the NM git, there is still hope since there has not been a Release Announcement yet.

I would like to encourage the inclusion of two patches into v1.0.2 before it ships:

commit c0efef8c92aecb23df7dcbf3670236719d097873
    dhcp: add special machine-id parse functio

commit 1b1b4bd91c29425c25e8e979cd77b7a67deb9bf5
    dhcp: write DUID out to lease file if not already present

Without these the DUID support just does not work.

And, speak of DUID ... I am planning to write a small utility program to help with DUIDs. It would output two lines. The first line with be the default-duid in "dhclient format" and the second with be the hex-string equivalent for use with libvirt and dnsmasq. By default, it would generate DUID-UUID based on the machine-id. Optionally it would product DUID-LL and DUID-LLT format when the MAC is provided.

I am going to do this for myself but is there interest in including such a utility in the NM package?


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