Re: NetworkManager with multiple RA (radvd failover)

On 2013-12-17 17:39, Tore Anderson wrote:
* Anders Blomdell

I'm trying to implement RA failover at my site, but NetworkManager
grabs the first RA it sees to set a (static) default route with
metric 1, and then it sits there even when the lifetime of this route
has expired (and no more RA's from that host). Is this a bug or some
feature tham I'm overlooking.

It's a known bug. I'm pretty sure it has been brought up on the list
before, though I'm not sure if someone actually filed a bug report about
it yet. You could look into using VRRP between your routers instead, if
they support it. 
Will look into VRRP, but 4.1 from makes me

   In the IPv6 case (that is, IPvX is IPv6 everywhere in the figure),
   each router has a link-local IPv6 address on the LAN interface (Rtr1
   is assigned IPv6 Link-Local A and Rtr2 is assigned IPv6 Link-
   Local B), and each host learns a default route from Router
   Advertisements through one of the routers (in this example, they all
   use Rtr1's IPv6 Link-Local A).

won't NetworkManager pick up those routes as well, and [still] mess up routing? 

If not, I think you are SOL for now. (As am I.)

Would [nm-policy.c: update_ip6_routing] be a good starting-point for looking
into this?


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