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It wouldn't be easier add a third parameter to the network dispatcher
calls that with the cause?

In this specific case, maybe. But nmcli mostly proves to be better at least with the git master version.



On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 9:54 AM, Pavel Simerda <psimerda redhat com> wrote:

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Subject: NetworkManager script dispatcher

Dear list,
I am using a vpn and I setup a script that
connects automatically when I plug a usb
external ethernet device, the script also
reconnect if the vpn connection falls down.

Now, I have some problems. The script
reconnects also if I manually disconnect
(using nm-applet or nmcli) and it messes
up if I disconnect the cable.

Is there a way to "know more" in the script
what happened? Why the vpn falls down, if
the cable is still connected...

I think the best way is to use nmcli and file individual bugs for
information not available through nmcli.



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